Best Trail Running Routes in San Francisco

San Francisco, California has always been a tourist destination, with pretty good weather year-round, combined with good food and of course places to go and visit. It’s a no brainer that this is one of the popular tourist destinations in the USA. San Francisco also boasts a whole lot of…

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Fun Summer Outdoor Activities With Friends

Summer is Fast Approaching Summer is fast approaching and you’ll get as much sun as possible in these 3 months so what better way to have fun, be healthy and celebrate with your friends? Try and find the best fun summer outdoor recreational activities. I did some research and list…

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What Is a Let in Table Tennis?

So before you begin your table tennis journey, you’re still a young padawan and our journey starts with learning some basic terms like Let and serves. So to start, what exactly is a Let I did some research. What Is a Let in Table Tennis? A let is called a…

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why it's called the mercy rule - skuking

What Is A Mercy Rule In Ping Pong

Just like the name Ping Pong which is colorful nonetheless, there is a rule called “Skunk Rule” or sometimes referred to as the “Mercy Rule” though this is not an official regulation rule at all. What is Mercy Rule? During my research, officially there is no clear history as to…

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Why Is Table Tennis Called Ping Pong

Why Is Table Tennis Called Ping Pong?

I often wondered about this one too, this is similar to words like soccer vs football, one being a popular sport in Europe and the other is refers to American Football. But this is different since both are not the same sport, in this case, Ping Pong vs Table tennis…

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